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East End Warriors Youth Football & Cheer | Louisville

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 Youth football program for ages 5-14 

– Coached by former NFL & college players and veteran championship youth football coaches

– Home games played at Trinity High School’s Marshall Stadium

– Cheerleading program for youth ages 5-14

– Member of the Louisville Youth Football League (LYFL)

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WEEK 3 Recap:


Once again, the word to describe the Mighty-Mites game in week 3 is: FUMBLES. Not that the defense didn’t do an amazing job, but just like in week 2 where the Warriors fumbled the ball 7 times vs J-Town, this week the Warriors offense fumbled the ball 6 times, handing the Jaguars the field position they needed to be able to compete. Once again, miscommunication between the quarterback and center positions and quarterback and running-back positions was to blame for the Warriors sloppy play. After fumbling the ball on their first possession in the first quarter the East End Warriors Twitter account read:

“And we see the same exact thing that we saw last week. Warriors start the game with a fumble. Where is Robinson when we need him?”

The Jaguars marched the fumbled football all the way down to the Warriors 4 yard line, only to have the defense hold. After recovering another fumble, the Jaguars marched the ball down to the Warriors 11 yard line, only to be stopped once again. The Warriors offense marched down the field on the Jaguars multiple times throughout the game, only to fumble the ball and turn it over to the Jaguars.

With 1:08 to play in the game, and the game still scoreless, the Warriors found themselves with the ball at their own 39. What happened on first down? You guessed it! The Warriors fumbled the football and it was recovered by the Jaguars at the Warrior 29. However, despite having time on the clock and great field position, the Jaguars could not score against the Warriors. The two teams headed to overtime.

The Warriors took possession of the football to start the overtime period. On first and goal from the 10 the Warriors…fumbled the football. It was recovered by #2 Russell at the 7 yard line, and the drive continued. The very next play #14 Harris came in at quarterback and ran the ball into the corner of the end-zone. The conversion attempt failed and the Warriors were up 6-0 as the Jaguars now had the football, first and goal at the 10 yard line. #2 Russell lined up on defense for the Warriors. As the ball was snapped, Russell dove across the line of scrimmage to strip the football from the offense. The Warriors defense recovered the football and sealed the overtime victory 6-0.

The Warriors face the Louisville Patriots next week in a battle for 2nd place in the division. The Louisville Patriots and East End Warriors have yet to be scored upon. The Patriots have scored 67 points on the season, and the Warriors have scored 50. Turnovers and miscommunications between offensive players is not going to be an option in week 4 if Head Coach Johnson is looking to come away with a win.




The Pee-Wee offense came onto the field to start the game in week 3 and was denied! It looked as though it was going to be another defensive battle, just like what we had watched in the Mighty-Mites game. However, on their next possession the Warriors rushing attack of quarterback #11 Blakey and #31 Weathers got the Warriors into the end-zone to go up 8-0 late in the first quarter, and it didn’t stop there. #27 Gates found the end-zone to go up 15-0 with 3:23 to play in the second half, and that was the score at halftime.

The third half opened up with the Jaguars fumbling the ball over and over again, handing the game to the Warriors. #11 Blakey was able to connect with #6 Taylor for good yardage, but just couldn’t connect with #84 Dorsey on numerous attempts. #31 Weathers found the end-zone again to put the Warriors up 21-0 at the start of the fourth quarter. With under 8:00 to play in the game and the Warriors up 21-0, many were curious as to why the first string offense was still on the field. The offense drove all the way down the field, and #28 Bates scored the touchdown from 8 yards out to go up 27-0 with just over three minutes to play, and a now continuous running clock (mercy rule). Time quickly ran out on the Jaguars as the Pee-Wee Warriors improved to 3-0 on the season.

The Warriors face the Louisville Patriots next week. The Patriots are in 3rd place in the division at 2-1, but have only scored 36 points on the season and have had 18 points scored against them. The Warriors are in 1st place, and looking to remain there.




The (1-1) Junior East End Warriors took to the field on fire vs the undefeated (2-0) Louisville Jaguars. In a game that most thought would be all Jaguars from the beginning, proved to be a struggle for both teams. After going for it on 4th and 2 from their own 35, the Warriors turned the ball over to the Jaguars in great field possession. However, the defense (a.k.a. “Hard Work”) would prevail. But, the Warrior offense couldn’t get anything going. On 4th and 7 from their own 40 yard-line, the Warriors offense would turn the ball over on downs again. But, the defense wouldn’t be able to hold this time. The Warriors found themselves down 0-6 with 5:02 till the half.

The kickoff was then returned all the way to the Jaguars 21 yard line, giving the Warriors great field possession. Quarterback #4 Austin would find the corner of the end-zone on a keeper to the left and even the score 6-6 at the half.

We thought we were in for another overtime game, but the Jaguars offense was explosive to start the second half. After returning the ball to their own 46, the Jaguars only needed one play to make it 1st and goal from the Warriors 7. The Warriors defense held strong. 4th and goal from the 5, and the Jaguars quarterback found his receiver in the back of the end-zone. However, a penalty made it 4th and goal from the 11. The Warriors defense held and the Warriors took over at their own 5. #52 Drew came in to punt after a sloppy 2 yard gain in three plays. The punt was blocked and the Jaguars took over, 1st and goal from the Warriors 3. Once again, the Warriors defense held, causing a fumble and recovering it their own 1 yard-line with 2:00 to play in the third quarter.

On 4th and 13 from their own 8 with 5:00 to play, the Warriors offense took the field vs punting and taking the chance of having it blocked again. The Warriors were denied! No gain on 4th down, and the Jaguars took over, only to score on the next play.

The Warriors got the ball back with 4:44 to play, down 6-12, only to fumble the ball on 1st down at their own 40. With 1:15 to play, the Jaguars were able to score again, sealing the victory and remaining undefeated on the season.

The Warriors play the Louisville Patriots on Saturday, August 29th. The Junior Louisville Patriots sit in last place (10th) in the division at 0-3. The average Patriots score has been 12-25. The sixth place (1-2) Warriors will look to keep the Patriots win less. Meanwhile, the Louisville Jaguars (3-0) move up to 2nd place in the division.


2015 Current Records
Mighty-Mites: 3-0
Pee-Wee: 3-0
Juniors: 1-2
Seniors: 2-1
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